New ONVIF functionality for HIKVision cameras
  • Ben, does this new release for HIKVision cameras affect SecuritySpy in any way?

    ONVIF function is disabled by default. The path of ONVIF configuration in web component is Configuration->Netwrk->Advanced Settings->Integration Protocol. ONVIF user accounts need to be created for application of ONVIF. Three ONVIF user levels of Administrator, User and Operator are selectable, with up to 32 user accounts. Web component, iVMS-4200 and Batch Configuration tool are available for ONVIF configuration.

    the new update is actually rather extensive. might be worth a quick look for you:
  • Thanks for letting us know about this. It sounds like this will affect SecuritySpy users who are using the ONVIF profile with their cameras, though SecuritySpy does have a dedicated Hikvision profile as well, and this is probably the one that most people will be using (and will be unaffected by the update).

    It's a surprising decision by Hikvision to have ONVIF off by default - most ONVIF-capable cameras have this functionality enabled by default. Perhaps the reasoning is for security, because with ONVIF turned on, the camera advertises its presence to the network for the purposes of device auto-discovery. This is just a guess though - I can't think of another reason!
  • "Three ONVIF user levels of Administrator, etc"

    that might be a problem if a new non-default password hasn't been configured?

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