Dropped cameras
  • I have a customer that I setup using SS quite a long time ago, and he has had an on going issue with cameras dropping off and going black on his SS screen sometimes showing error on the screen, for a number of months now. He is running 8 cameras, all 2mp, I have set the frame rates at 15fps, 6 are ethernet and 2 are wifi.
    The iMac is a 3.2Ghz late 2012, 4 core, hard wired to the same Apple extreme as the cameras, the Mac specs higher than my Mac mini, and yet I do not have any dropped camera issues with the same cameras and same amounts.
    The CPU usage seems quite low, and his idle is running around 30%

    He has asked me to install an 8 camera security system at this business, but he doesn't want to use SS because of this on going issue. I would like to use it, as it works brilliantly for me, but until I can prove his home system out with no issues, I think I am going to struggle to prove that SS is the way to go.

    Hardware setup: 5 cameras are hard wired to one network switch with Gigabit ports, and then from there to an Apple extreme, which is connected to the router, the other 1 is through a power line adapter connected direct to the router. The other 2 are wifi. All IP's are DHCP reserved, and all cameras are at 15fps
    All hard wired cameras are on 24hr record to a networked Drobo storage 12TB.
    This is a setup I have done for many customers so I know works ok, so this is a local issue on his network / Mac.......

    Any ideas?
  • Camera dropouts are generally going to be a network problem. Less likely (but still quite common) is bad/old camera firmware, so the first thing to do would be to make sure all cameras are running their latest firmware.

    Do you see any difference between the WiFi cameras and the wired cameras? Is this problem limited to the WiFi cameras only? Or the powerline camera only?

    What make/model are the affected cameras?

    What device is providing the WiFi network? Ideally this would be the Airport Extreme, not the router. Is this the case?

    Assuming so, the network setup sounds fine. And the Mac spec is definitely fine.

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