ION Video 2 PC MKII Device
  • I bought a ION Audio VIDEO 2 PC MKII Digital Video Converter. SecuritySpy sees the audio but not the video camera.
    Any suggestions to the video part.

  • According to the installation guide for this device, you must do the following:

    - In order to use VIDEO 2 PC with QuickTime, you must first register your EzCAP Capture software. Open EzCAP Capture by going to Applications -> EzCAP -> EzCAP.

    - You will be asked to enter a serial number into the "Serial Number" field. Find the number on the sleeve of the EzCAP CD and enter it then click "OK."

    Then, it seems like you must use the 32-bit version of SecuritySpy, not the standard 64-bit version (because QuickTime video device driver software is outdated and 32-bit only). You will find the 32-bit version of SecuritySpy in the downloaded SecuritySpy disk image, in a folder called "32-bit version".

    Does this work?

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