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  • Currently have a generic but good 1080p PTZ camera in the garden and a Hikvision 4mp internal camera (4mp is probably over kill) in my workshop at the end of the garden.

    This is all running really well on a Mac Mini using Security Spy. Its only the 32Bit version as I cant install the 64Bit one on Lion. Using about 44% of the CPU so should manage at least one more camera. Cameras are set to 10FPS.

    I have a license for 4 cameras and would maybe like a camera inside to watch the birds (budgies) when we are away. Maybe a camera at the front door but one inside would be first.

    We would probably only switch it on when we were away. Probably 1080p would be more than sufficient. Any recommendations. Does not have to be expensive but needs to work with SecuritySpy.

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  • The Hikvision you linked to is good, but it's an outdoor 4 MP camera, so probably not the best choice for watching your budgies inside your house. For this purpose, the Amcrest IP3M-HX2 or the Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW or the Axis M10-serias cameras would be good choices. If you want something with pan/tilt as well, then Amcrest has many low-cost options that would do the job.

    2.8mm is generally the widest-angle standard lens you will find on an IP camera (unless you go for something a bit more specialist such as a panoramic-type camera).
  • Thanks Ben. I finally managed to upgrade my early 2009 Mac Mini to El Capitan. Been running Lion for ages and thus the 32bit version of SecuritySpy only :(

    I had given up trying to so many times to upgrade the OS until in the end I found it was the 8GB (2 x4GB) sims that El Capitan simply would not upgrade on. Took one sim out and it finally upgraded!

    So now I now running the 64bit version of SecuritySpy. What a difference. Everything is faster and it is only using about 10-20% of the CPU compared to 40-50% on Lion and the 32bit version of SecuritySpy.

    For inside I think I will just use a cheapo Amcrest assuming it will work with your software.
  • Well done for finding the problem with the SIMM cards - that is highly unusual! Perhaps El Capital has a more stringent memory check than Lion? I'm really not sure. Anyway, glad that you managed to find the solution, and that performance is greatly improved.

    As for the outdoor Hikvision cameras you linked to - their specifications are virtually identical as far as I can tell. The DS-2CD2342WD-I is listed with a 4mm lens, whereas the DS-2CD1341-I is listed with a choice for 2.8/4/6mm, so this may inform your choice (make sure to specify the focal length when ordering).

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