Updating SS
  • I have a issue updating SS. When quit SS and try to drop the new version on top of the old version i get a pop up window saying: The document "SecuritySpy" cannot opened. SecuritySpy cannot open files in the "Application" format. Normally it would ask me if i would like to replace it.
    All of my capture files are being recorded to a external drive and SS is installed in my Applications folder. Was trying to install the lasted beta and got the error message. Have SS version 4.1.6, OS X version 10.8.5
    I had this same issue with past betas, but did not with the latest non beta build. Im most likely just making a bone head mistake but have not had the time to figure it out.
    I don't know if it's related but when i did update to 4.1.6 I lost the ability to remote view on the iphone app outside of my wifi network.
  • It sounds like you're dropping the new SecuritySpy application actually on top of the old one, and the system thinks you want to open one with the other (in the way you drag a document onto an application in order to open that document in that application).

    Instead, drag and drop the new SecuritySpy application into your Applications folder itself. The Finder should ask you if you want to replace the old one with the new one (click Yes).

    Or, simply open your current version of SecuritySpy and use the "Check for Update" option under the SecuritySpy menu (this feature was added a few versions back, so hopefully you will see this option there).

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