Does SS perform H265 compression in software?
  • Does SS perform Tge initial compression in software? Would most NVRs do this differently? I expect that modern IP cameras could compress the video before the video makes to the DVR... do I have that right?


  • Hi Robert,

    Ideally, the cameras will be doing the video compression, and SecuritySpy will be recording this video as-is, with no recompression. This is how SecuritySpy operates by default. You want to avoid any software compression by SecuritySpy, as this can use a lot of CPU resources.

    Note that H.265 is not yet supported by SecuritySpy, because H.265 support is currently lacking in macOS. The upcoming High Sierra system is the first one with official H.265 support, so we plan to take advantage of this new feature and add H.265 support in SecuritySpy in the near future.

    So for now, H.264 is the best codec to use.
  • Ben, that sounds great! I like the idea of no recompression. Yet, when buying new cameras it might be wise to get those that support h.265 unless you are getting cheap cameras.... do you concur?
  • H.265 does offer a modest amount of bandwidth (and therefore storage space) reduction over H.264, so it may be prudent to look for cameras that offer both formats, so that you can switch to H.265 when it becomes supported by SecuritySpy, however it would be prudent to stick with H.264 for a while yet. It's an established format with wide support in terms of playback software and web browsers, and H.265 will take a while to be adopted as a replacement.

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