iOS streaming speed
  • I have both SecuritySpy and SpyGlass apps installed on my phone. The live video quality in SpyGlass is consistently better than in the SecuritySpy app. The video feeds have timestamps, and in the SecuritySpy app the frame rate is frequently less than 1 frame per second, while the frame rate in SpyGlass is almost always better. Is there any setting that may be causing this behavior?
  • In our SecuritySpy iOS app, on the screen where you see the list of live cameras together, the streaming speed there is limited to 1fps.

    Then, when you click on a particular camera to view it individually, it should stream at full speed (or the maximum possible speed allowed by the connection).

    One setting you can check is that H.264 streaming is turned on - this provides a low-bandwidth stream that streams a lot faster over a slow network connection than the standard JPEG stream. You'll find this in the SecuritySpy iOS app settings.
  • The behavior I'm seeing is simply not consistent with how you're describing it. I was watching a video in SpyGlass--video quality was good enough to see the blades of a ceiling fan turning. I closed the app and went immediately to the SecuritySpy app and clicked on the same camera. I've been staring at a grey camera icon with a red X through it for 2 minutes. I went back to SpyGlass and again I could watch the ceiling fan spin. Could there be a problem with having both apps connected with the same credentials? (The main reason I keep SpyGlass installed is for motion alerts).
  • So you aren't seeing any video in our iOS app when you tap on a particular camera? That's a different problem to seeing lower-quality video, and indicates some kind of connectivity issue. Please see above about turning on/off H.264 streaming in our app's settings - try with H.264 turn off as well as turned on.

    Having both apps connected with the same credentials should not be a problem.

    By the way, you may not be aware but you can actually enable motion notifications in our app:
  • I can get approximately 1 frame per second in the home screen (multiple cams), but just an occasional frame when looking at individual cams--mostly it's the red X. Again, SpyGlass works perfectly. Both apps work fine when I'm at home and everything is on the same WiFi LAN. The issues I'm seeing are over 4G. I'll try turning H.264 off tonight.
  • I've finally had an opportunity to try some more troubleshooting. I tried switched to JPEG, but all that did was break the stream for both iOS apps. I checked my firewall, but all relevant traffic is being allowed. I'm now on an iPhone 8 Plus running 11.2.1, and I've tested over LTE. SpyGlass is still working just fine, but on the Security Spy app I can see the thumbnail version update, but when I go to the full screen video it just shows the red X.

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