Error 8807
  • Just started experiencing this problem with one of my cameras, log says:

    07/16/2017 14:42:07: Error communicating with the network device "Network camera 2". 4.1.6,89900,8807 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. DNS resolution failed - could not resolve the hostname to an IP address in order to connect to the server.

    Anyone got an idea what I can do? My other two cameras are functioning normally. I'm running 4.1.6, Mac OS 10.12.5.
  • This indicates a problem with the address you have entered for the camera in SecuritySpy, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device.

    There are a few different types of addresses you can use here, as follows:

    - IP address (e.g.
    - Domain name (e.g.
    - UUID (e.g. uuid:1234-5678-9012)

    Addresses starting "uuid" refer to ONVIF devices, and must be used in conjunction with the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy.

    If you are using an IP address or domain name, make sure you are entering this correctly into SecuritySpy, and try it in a web browser (e.g. Safari) to make sure it works.

    I hope this helps you resolve this problem, but if not please email us and include a screenshot of the camera's setup in SecuritySpy.
  • I did nothing and the problem resolved itself. ????
  • If you are using Bonjour addresses, there may have been a temporary network issue that prevented these from working.

    IP addresses and ONVIF auto-discovered addresses (starting "uuid") are more reliable than Bonjour addresses. For the next version of SecuritySpy we'll allow the use of ONVIF addresses with any camera profile (i.e. not just the ONVIF profile), so this should reduce the need to use Bonjour addresses.

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