Jeedom integration
  • Hi
    When I want to know the actual config of a cam, I use this link: https://IP-SECURITYSPY:PORT/++cameramodes?cameraNum=X.
    And the answer is, for example:

    I would like to integrate it in a jeedom server, but the response of the securityspy server is not well known by jeedom.
    What is the format of this response?
    - text only with spaces
    - text only with tab
    - text only with line break
    - or other

  • The reply is text-only, it doesn't contain spaces but does contain line breaks after each line.

    Can the Jeedom server cope with this response? If not, what would be the format required?
  • I didn't view your answer ben, I'm sorry!!
    The problem is solved and was not du to SecuritySpy, but it was a script code problem.

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