Wansview Camera
  • I just purchased a Wansview NCM625GA camera. I can access the camera via the Wansview iOS app or through the browser with no problem. Security Spy refuses to find the camera, however. I've tried manual setup, Wansview profile, and the ONVIF profile with no success. Anyone have any ideas of what else to try?
  • This should certainly work with either the Wansview profile or the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy.

    Please make sure you are entering the camera's IP address correctly, along with its username and password.

    If you click the "Auto-Discovered Devices" button in the Preferences -> Cameras -> Device section in SecuritySpy, do you see the camera listed?
  • Thank you for replying. I've entered the IP address correctly. The camera does not appear in the auto-discovered devices.
  • Hi - have you tried both the Wansview profile and the ONVIF profile?

    If you check SecuritySpy's log file (File Menu -> Open Log), what are the main errors reported for this camera?

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