POE Outdoor Camera recommendation to replace current cam
  • Hi guys,

    I've had a Q-See QCN8002B connected to SecuritySpy for the last 3 years or so now. When the camera actually works it's been great. The problem is I've RMAed it once already because of the camera locking up and needing a hard reboot (by unplugging POE power).

    So I've had enough of that and have decided to replace it.

    It's out front of my house, located here:
    pointed at the front door area.

    I work from home, in my basement and use it to keep an eye on the front door while working.

    Looking for a recommendation on a camera to replace my current one. One that works well with SecuritySpy.

    Some notes:
    * Camera will be outdoors. Temps here are -20C (85F) winter to 30C summer
    * Camera is POE
    * Nightime is a bonus. Doesn't need to be super clear, just functional
    * Work great with SecuritySpy :)
    * Easy to setup

    Thanks for the info.
  • I have been happy with the Amcrest 3MP and 4MP with night vision cameras I have. Very affordable and fully supported in SS.
  • Doing some reading on those cams now and they are looking good so far. Thanks for the info!
  • A great resource to look through is www.networkcameracritic.com

    It is a little dated (now that the writer has passed), but holds lots of good info. Definitely was a big help when I was starting out. Got me from zero to now 11 cameras, mostly Hikvision, Dahua, and Sunba.
  • Thank you!
  • For my outdoor POE dome cameras at my office building, I am replacing nearly new fixed Samsung cameras with full PTZ Dahua DH-SD22204T-GN cameras with POE, 2 MP, and an excellent picture for only $155.00.

    Although Dahua has very limited documentation for the cameras, I haven't had much trouble configuring them since they use the same configuration terms that other cameras use. The only limitations are that SecuritySpy doesn't yet have a preset for Dahua PTZ features, so I have to make PTZ changes using Safari, and the Dahua camera viewer doesn't work in Safari.

    The Dahuas are much more Mac friendly than the Samsungs. In fact, Samsungs with the latest firmware can only be configured from a PC using pre-Windows 10.
  • Is there anybody wanna try the panoramic cameras? It seems panoramic cameras are very attractive, since it supports ePTZ, and the price is not very expensive. How about the Hikvision Panovu series panoramic cameras? http://www.unifore.net/product-highlights/360-degree-panoramic-dome-camera-hikvision-panovu-series.html

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