180 degree horizontal field of view?
  • I like my Hikvisions but I'd like a camera with a 180 degree horizontal field of view, so I can press it against the inside of a window and cover the whole side of a house. Any recommendations?
  • The widest I've seen are 120 degree like the Foscam C2
  • I've got a Foscam C1-lite, which is the older model of the C2. The "lite" doesn't have IR, which won't go through glass well anyway, but that means the front is more or less flat, and sets well against the window. Its super cheap, though the recordings have caused problems playing back in SS.

    It's about 110 degree FOVs. It's unlikely you'll find anything wider without spending a lot for something very specialised - remember that wider field of view means lower angular resolution, increased distortion, and much more complex optics.

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