2 same cams, but cpu x5
  • Hi
    I have 2 cameras which are setup with exactly the same parameters:
    - 15 fps
    - 0.9MP
    - 1280x720
    - H264
    - data rate is about 150kb/s for each
    - ONVIF
    - continuous capture all the time, no motion detection, no alarm

    In the camera info window, the CPU column indicates 8% for a camera, and 46% for the other...

    What's wrong about it?

  • I think this is probably the Mac's H.264 hardware acceleration working for the first camera, but not for the second. There's a limit to the number of streams that the hardware can process, which varies between Mac models. If you temporarily disable the first camera, you see the second dropping to around the same level.

    If you reduce the frame rate of both cameras, you may be able to get them both being processed in hardware. If you try this, please report back as the results will be useful for other users.

    Also, what exactly is your Mac model and specification?
  • Hi Ben
    Then, I disabled the 50% cpu cam, and enable it... And surprise, cpu is about 8% for the 2 cams!
    But only when the continous capture is not activated on the 2nd cam. When I reactivate CC, cpu is about 40-50% ,only for this cam
    When I disable the 8% camera, the other is still about 40%

    My mac:
    MacMini mid-2011
    Core i5 2.5ghz
    16Gb Ram
    SSD 250gb (for system & applications) and HDD usb 2Tb for cam records
    Mac os 10.11.6

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