4.0 Independent Acton Changes
  • I do really like the new way schedules work. With version 3, I used cron to schedule scripts that would check or uncheck just parts of a camera's action:

    curl -d 'cameraNum=2&playSoundCheck=1&actionn=save'
    curl -d 'cameraNum=2&sendEmailCheck=1&action=save'
    curl -d 'cameraNum=2&runScriptCheck=0&action=save'

    For example, I would disable the scripts at night on all cameras, but send an email from several, and there is one that should play a sound if it's triggered at night, but I don't need the visual of my script waking the display and entering full screen mode as it should during the day. These HTTP commands (with proper authentication, removed) don't seem to do anything now. Is such control still possible?
  • I had the same issue and was able to change my script as shown below. It seems to work for the email option. Maybe you can find something similar to work for the script and sound options.

    to turn on:

    curl -d 'cameraNum=2&emailText=name@email.com&action=save'

    to turn off:

    curl -d 'cameraNum=2&emailText=&action=save'
  • Yes that gives me just the reminder to view the item names on the SS web server page to modify my script. Thanks.

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