Audio problems
  • Hello: I've been using Security Spy for years now - I really like the s/w. Great product.

    I've not been able to ever get audio to work from any of my cameras (Panasonic BL series or Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W)). I've not worried to much about it as video was sufficient.

    The Panasonic cameras do pick up audio - you see it in the camera status window - but I've never been able to get it to play through via the web server.

    Lately, with the Hikvision cameras, I've been getting the following message: Error setting up the audio input device for the camera "Main" - audio will not be captured for this camera 3.4.8,8010,-2061 The source is not available

    Any ideas why I'm getting this error? Any ideas on what might be the problem in not have the sound play through via the web browser?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Wayne,

    To play back audio via the web interface, using a web browser, you'll currently need to use the "QuickTime MPEG-4" viewing method. While this works well, unfortunately it requires the QuickTime Plugin which is being phased out and many modern web browsers don't support it any more - please see this FAQ for more information: How do I get the QuickTime MPEG-4 streaming format to work in a web browser?

    There are two other methods to get live audio streaming: on iOS, use the Remote Patrol or Spyglass apps, or on another Mac, use another copy of SecuritySpy (free for the purposes of viewing-only) to view the video and audio.

    The error message indicates you are attempting to use one of the Mac's audio inputs, which is failing. I presume you instead want to use the camera's audio input, in which case you need to select the "Network audio" option as the input device in the Audio section of the Camera Settings window.
  • Thanks for the response, Ben, as always. I am not so much concerned about hearing the audio over the internet as I am about recording it when motion is sensed. For the Hikvision camera, I went into Camera Settings > Audio - and the only option is Built-in Input. I clicked on Device Settings and the only data source available is Line In. Why can't I get to the camera's microphone?

  • Hi Wayne,

    In the Video Device Settings window, you should have the "Hikvision" device profile selected. When using this profile, you will have two options under the Format setting: "JPEG HTTP" or "H.264 RTSP". In order to receive live audio you will have to choose the H.264 option. I suspect that you are currently on the JPEG option, which is why you don't see the correct audio input option in the Camera Settings window.

    So, please change the Format to H.264 RTSP, and then you should see a "Network audio" option as one of the available choices in the Audio tab of the Camera Settings window.
  • Thanks so much for your response, Ben. I've set things up as you suggested, even have some screen shots but I don't think I can attach them. Still, no sound. Do you have any other suggestions? Is there anything on the Hikvision camera setup page that I should be looking at as well?
  • There may be an option in the Hikvision camera settings pages that enables audio for the RTSP stream, so please have a look for that (perhaps under Configuration >Basic Configuration > Video / Audio, specifically the "Video Type" setting should be set to "Video&Audio"). If that doesn't do it, we would have to investigate this further, so please email us your screenshots and we'll take a look.
  • That (video&audio - how could I miss it!) did it!! Thanks, Ben!
  • Great to hear it's working now!

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