Video lags behind real time
  • SS video windows lag behind real time by a few seconds to 50+ seconds. I can restart SS to get it back in sync but it starts to lag again after a short random time. I use the clock display on cameras as a reference to estimate the delay. People can walk pass a camera but the SS video still shows an empty room from half a minute ago.

    Hardware is a 2008 Mac 3.2GHz 8-core Mac Pro 3,1 with 32GB RAM running El Capitan. CPU usage by SS fluctuates from 89%-180%. Total CPU usage is about 30% by observing the Activity graph. Normal desktop applications on the Mac is butter smooth with no lag at all. All cameras run on a dedicated LAN from one of the two LAN ports on the Mac Pro, with its own router and a static ip to the outside.

    It is a 16 camera setup running SS v3.4.8, with 1 Logitech usb webcam, 10 Axis IP cameras at 720 or 1080 resolution, 1 Vivotek WiFi camera at 720P, 3 Trendnet VGA WiFi cameras and 1 Samsung 2MP camera. 8 Axis & the Samsung cameras are over the internet from a remote location. Two Axis cameras are on the local wired network. These two local Axis's are the cameras in question. They are Axis model Q1614 & P3354.

    I remember seeing this problem discussed here before and the response was that some cameras buffer up frames. I really need these two local cameras to display real-time video in SS windows on the Mac Pro server and 4 iMac clients also running SS pointing to the server.

    Please suggest a solution.
  • It's odd that you are getting this problem with such a fast Mac that is clearly running well within its CPU limits, and a fast network connection between the Mac and cameras in question. Normally when we see this problem, it's caused by either the network or the Mac not being able to keep up with processing/transmission of the video.

    To confirm, you see this problem only on the two locally-connected Axis cameras?

    Do you see this problem both with the camera's JPEG stream and H.264 stream? You can change the encoding type under the Format setting in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy. It's worth trying both as this will help to debug the problem.

    What frame rate are these two cameras running at? If you reduce the frame rate, does it prevent the problem?
  • These two local cameras run 10fps internally, but set to 10fps default resolution h,264 streams in SS Device Setting. Changing fps to 5 in SS device setting lowered the lag to about 9s but switching to JPEG HTTP immediately fixed the problem, but the bit rate went from ~300 Kbits/s to over 7000 Kbits/s as reported by the Axis camera text overlay.

    A correction to my opening message, restarting SS does not close the gap, the lag remains. It may have fixed it before but retrying gave different result.

    The remote cameras over the internet do not show lags for more than 1~2 s and they are all on rtsp h.264 at 5fps on SS device settings but cameras internally run at unlimited fps.

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