iPhone camera (server) apps roundup?
  • Hi - it would be great if you did a roundup of recommended apps that turn an old iPhone into an IP camera. Similar to the periodic roundup of recommended cameras, but a software version. Really old iPhones may not be up to the task, but as time goes on, the legacy iPhones are more and more of a viable option
  • and focusing on the ones that can be accessed from SecuritySpy, of course (that is, ones that do NOT require cloud services - so, not Presence for example).
  • Thanks for the suggestion, I think this is a good idea for an upcoming blog post.
  • i am eagerly awaiting the upcoming blog post since I have 2 old iPhone 4s I would like to repurpose as security cameras and I have always been impressed by security spy and would prefer to spend money with you rather than on web storage with Presence or Manything....
  • Sorry for the delay, please see our new blog post: Using an iPhone as a CCTV Security Camera. Let me know if you have any questions!

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