Multiple Trendnet TV-IP7672 cameras only
  • I've been using 3x Trendnet cameras and for a while they were all working just fine. Recently one one of them will be working. If I do a reset of any of the cameras it will be the one to start working and the others will no longer be streaming. It worked just fine for about a year and is just starting to be a problem now. Any suggestions on what I may be able to do to diagnose/fix this? Thanks!
  • Sorry looks like I didn't finish the title either -
    Multiple Trendnet TV-IP672 cameras only one working at a time.

    I should also note that I have 2 Y-Cams on the same network and they are always working. I only have problems with the Trendnet cameras.
  • Hi Connor, Are the TRENDnet cameras connected by wired ethernet, or wirelessly? If they are wireless, they could be competing for the WiFi bandwidth or you could have some interference that is affecting the signal.

    If they are connected by wired ethernet, what are they connected to? Can you describe your network setup including the switch/router? Is the Mac connected wirelessly or by wired ethernet?
  • Hi Ben, Thanks so much for your great support. Your support is, to me, what makes this setup so much better than the competition. Here is a quick summary of what I have. You are probably right now that I think about it that the Trendnet cameras are competing.

    I have two of the latest time capsules. One of them I use for my home network. It has all of our computers and stuff on it. 2.4GHz on channel 4 and 5GHz on channel 36.

    The other time capsule is off of the other through ethernet and then it has its own wireless network that is just for the security cameras. 2.4GHz on channel 8 and 5GHz on channel 48.

    There are 5 wireless cameras on the security camera network. 2 of them are Ycam bullets and they are pretty reliable. They are outside. Then there are 3 of the Trendnet cameras which seem to be a little less reliable. It does seem like lately that they will switch which ones are working at random times.

    The two Y-cams use H.264 RTSP. There is an option for MPEG-4 RTSP or either of these over HTTP. Should I change that?

    For the three Trendnet cameras I have them using H.264 RTSP. There is no option for over HTTP but I can choose MPEG-4. Should I change that?

    All of the cameras have their own IP address but they are all using the same HTTP port. The IP addresses are pretty close to each other but not identical. The two Y-cams have the same RTSP port to each other. The Trendnets have a different RTSP port from the Y-cams but the same among them.

    The Y-cams are at 15 frames/sec and the Trendnet are at 10 frames/sec. Sometimes the actual frame rate is lower than this.

    Thanks for your help! Let me know what you think.

  • Hi Connor,

    Thanks for the detailed description, this is very helpful.

    H.264 streams have a lower bandwidth than MPEG-4 streams (typically half the data rate at the same visual quality), so you have it set right with the H.264; don't switch them to MPEG-4.

    It's fine for the cameras to use the same ports, and it's great that you've set them all up with static IP addresses, that is going to be the most reliable.

    So I think this is down to the wireless signal strength and interference. Generally I would advise against specifying the wireless channel numbers. If you tell the access points to use automatic channel numbers, they can then adjust them based on other nearby networks, thereby maximising signal strength. So this is something you can try.

    Another thing to try is to give the 2.4 GHz network different names (SSIDs) from the 5 GHz network, and then specify in the cameras that you want them to connect to the 5 GHz network. If the network names are the same, then the device may choose to connect to the 2.4 GHz network, which has less capacity.

    Finally, if you are able to connect any of the cameras by wired ethernet to either Time Capsule, that is going to be the most reliable connection.

    Let us know how you get on.
  • Hi Ben,
    Thanks for your help! One thing that I have learned is that not all cameras that are 802.11n support 5 GHz. That is really too bad. Changing to allow the time capsule to have automatic channels looks to have helped. Another thing that I did was change the settings on my secondary streams to be really low bandwidth. We will see if this helps. The Trendnet cameras all had 4 stream so I reduced all of them except the main stream. Is there a reason that I'd want to have the secondary streams? I do use remote patrol but I assume that it used the primary stream. Do you know if that is correct?
  • Hi Connor,

    Ideally you will want to use the camera's main stream in SecuritySpy, as this is typically the highest-resolution one. It would be a shame if you would have to settle for a lower resolution. Instead, if you need to reduce the bandwidth, reduce the frame rate and/or compression quality of the main stream (not too much of the latter to avoid too much image degradation).

    Remote Patrol connects to SecuritySpy to obtain the video, so whatever stream is coming into SecuritySpy will be relayed to Remote Patrol.

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