• Picture in picture of video devices, is it possible?
  • Sorry, this isn't possible with SecuritySpy. If you're referring to our other software CaptureSync, which does multi-camera synchornised recording, this is actually a feature that we're planning to implement in the future.
  • Can CaptureSync capture from multiple ip cameras then feed its PiP or quad'ed output as a single device to SecuritySpy?
  • Unfortunately not; CaptureSync does not have any features to send video to SecuritySpy. Maybe if you explain exactly what you want to achieve, we can suggest a good solution?
  • I'd like to have two cameras PiP or 4 camera outputs quad'ed together as a single device so I can set MD and others features on them as one. E.g. my full lobby view with the frontdesk view as seen by the receptionist pip in one corner, MD and viewing together always.
  • In that case, I would advise setting up a group in SecuritySpy with the four cameras in question. Then they can be easily viewed together either in the software's interface, or via the web interface (where there is an option to view a whole group of cameras at once).

    As for MD, this can be achieved by setting up a simple AppleScript to trigger motion in all four cameras, and then set this as an action for all four cameras. That way, any motion in any one camera triggers recording in all four. See the Triggering Motion-Detected Recording example on the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page. Simply duplicate the "set motion" line four times, and put in the correct camera numbers.

    Unfortunately picture-in-picture is not currently possible, but I hope the above solution will work well for you.

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