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Multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac

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Screen Capture Pack

The Screen Capture Pack is a free add-on to SecuritySpy that performs screen captures of your Mac monitor(s). SecuritySpy will see these feeds just like any other video input device, so that you can use all of SecuritySpy's capture features to record them, such as timelapse capture, or even delivery over a network or the internet through SecuritySpy's built-in web interface.

The current version is 1.0.3, released 17 February 2014.

System Requirements

Mac running macOS X 10.5 - 10.11, SecuritySpy 2.1 or later. 32-bit version of SecuritySpy is required (does not work under 64-bit).

Further information

The capture pack supports up to 8 monitors and will therefore install 8 component files into your /Library/Components/ folder. There is no harm in having extra files installed if you have fewer than 8 monitors; the ones without monitors simply will not be used. If you want to install the component files for particular monitors only, you can do this in the installer by clicking the "Customize" button and selecting the appropriate files.

The actual screen capture and data processing are performed on a separate pre-emptive thread, thereby taking full advantage of multiprocessor systems.

The default frame rate is set at 2fps however this can be changed in the Video Device Setup window in SecuritySpy. The default frame rate is set quite low because the computer's CPU usage and the data rate of the resulting video can be high due to high screen resolutions, and 2fps was considered sufficient for general usage.

Note that each screen capture input to SecuritySpy will use one camera of your SecuritySpy license.

For further information, questions, or support please feel free to email us.

Uninstallation Instructions

The Screen Capture Pack files are stored in your /Library/Components/ folder - to uninstall, simply delete the "ScreenCapture" component files from this folder.

Terms & Conditions

This software is free for customers who have purchased SecuritySpy; it cannot be used with other video capture software. This software and all related files and documentation are provided 'AS IS' and without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Under no circumstances shall Ben Bird, Ben Software Ltd, or any suppliers or resellers of this software be liable for any general, incidental, special, consequential, or other damages that result from the use or inability to use this software or related files and documentation.