Safari 12
  • Looks like Safari 12 has done away with plug-ins. No more NPAPI support. Wondering if anyone has worked out a way to view Hikvision cameras in Safari 12. Don't use Crome and not want to downgrade Safari. Have a PC with Internet Explorer and my new Mac Mini with IVMS 4200 both work to change setting. Just wondering if there is a Safari 12 option running In Mojave.
    - I think this goes for Dahua cameras also.
  • If you're referring to live video viewing - yes unfortunately plugins are on the way out, and this specific feature may not work via cameras' web interfaces. Historically too, support for live video viewing in web browser has not been widely implemented for Mac users, with most camera manufacturers focussing on PC support instead.

    Fortunately, for most cameras, including the ones you mention, Safari and Chrome on a Mac can be used for settings configuration, for subsequent use with SecuritySpy. Most SecuritySpy users don't need to view live video directly in the camera's web interface; once the camera is set up then you can just use SecuritySpy for everything.

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