S3 Server upload
  • Is it possible to make the FTP client work with S3 server? Specifically, I have a Dreamhost account and I would like to try to upload video to DreamObjects. I am able to use CrossFTP, it has a S3 HTTPS setting for remote host. Is this something that can be set up in SecuritySpy? Perhaps you will consider in future updates.
    See more information on the service at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DreamObjects.
  • Hi Dean, sorry but SecuritySpy's upload support for offsite storage of captured footage supports FTP and FTPS only. S3 is an entirely different protocol, and as we don't get many requests for this, we are currently concentrating on other parts of the software.
  • i'd buy arq and use that to sync the files up to s3
  • Hi - any plans to extend SecuritySpy to support S3 upload in addition to the existing FTP, FTPS & SFTP protocols please? Looking to upload to AWS S3 to investigate using the new AWS Rekognition image recognition service, and whilst I can write a script to do the upload, it clearly would be preferable if SecuritySpy could do this natively, if only from a latency perspective.


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