Camera spinning when PTZ used.
  • I have just added a Ctronics, 5MP PTZ Security Camera Outdoor with 5X Optical Zoom, i managed to get it working with onvif, but i have a major problem with PTZ.

    If I use the cameras own software (Ctronics ios app), then i cn pan/tilt/zoom no problem, but if i use Security Spy's PTZ, then the camera moves in the intended direction, but just doesnt stop, it keeps going round and round, i have to reboot the camera to stop it.

    Can anyone advise on a potential fix ?.

  • Are you seeing this with the controls in macOS SecuritySpy itself, or via the controls in the iOS SecuritySpy app?

    Are you sure that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy?
  • Hi
    Thanks for coming back to me.

    It's happening with both, i've just tried the IOS app and it looks like the camera isn't getting a command to stop.

    If i send the camera one way, it just keeps going when i lift my finger from the control, i can send it another way but it doesnt stop again.

    The presets dont work either.

    The camera does come with it's own ios app, PTZ and presets work correctly from there.
  • For info - it is like this with Reolink PTZ cameras too...
  • Can you both confirm you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy (5.3.2)? There was a bug in a previous version of SecuritySpy that could cause this, so updating may be the solution.
  • "For info - it is like this with Reolink PTZ cameras too..."

    confirmed. Isn't working anymore since a long time. I might be wrong, but I guess since SS >5.0
  • Hi @uwe68, please try selecting the Reolink profile under Preferences > Cameras > Device > Profile, instead of the ONVIF profile. Does this work?
  • Hi Ben. That's incredible! After a long time, I tried out the settings for PTZ presets on both Reolink RLC-423 (still ONVIV mode) again, and it works! I could easily define presets and the cameras are moving to their destinations. Thanks a lot for the great support.
  • Hi @uwe68 - great to hear that! There have been some recent tweaks related to ONVIF PTZ, so it sounds like these could have done the trick for your cameras.
  • Hello Ben,

    I'm using version 4.2.14, when i use the software to check for an update, i'm told that no update is available.

    This is probably because I'm running Sierra.

    I'm not able to upgrade from Sierra, I tried that and my machine became unusable.

  • Hi @littlebritaly sorry, SecuritySpy v4 is now discontinued, and v5 requires macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) because of some of its main new features (AI and H.265) are only possible on macOS 13 and later.
  • So I am configuring a Ctronics CTIP-500C for my condo's HOA. I am setting the functions up using the web browser and using SS to get to know the camera. I have it set on ONVIF, I've got a video stream coming in and I can use the arrow keys to control the PTZ. I like the camera and may get one for my home and add it permanently to SS.

    My question: The camera's iOS app uses a call command to initiate moving to the presets (1-16), then you can enter a guard location (92) or set it to cruise the preset locations (54). I can't figure out how I can enter the CALL number in SS. Idea?
  • @tlutrick I'm not quite understanding how the "call" command is different from a normal preset, can you explain please? SecuritySpy supports up to 10 preset positions, and allows you to recall these in various ways (via SecuritySpy's macOS UI, web UI, iOS app). It also offers an auto-patrol feature itself (separate from the camera's auto-patrol).

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