One or more video frames could not be decoded due to decoder overload - this can result in jerky/une
  • I have been getting this message for sometime. I am running 10.13.6. with 16G of memory and SS 5.2.6 with seven cameras. I have NO video engaged that I can see.. Thoughts? System works jus dont like error messages
  • This FAQ explains the issue: I'm getting a "decoder overload" warning, what does this mean?

    If you are getting this frequently, this is an issue that should be addressed by reducing frame rates or assigning some cameras to software decode. However, if this is happening only once in a while, you can safely ignore it. In the next update, we will filter this message out if it's just happening infrequently.
  • Hmm all my frame requites are blank . Its not constant but It is annoying. I will grin and bare until the release
  • I suggest you try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.7b3). If you still get the warning with this version, then I suggest you reduce your cameras' frame rates. This will need to be done for each camera via the settings available via its web interface.

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