URGENT ->Connection Failed !
  • SecuritySpy 5.2.3
    This morning I have this message on my iOS mobile devices:
    "Connection Failed Unexpected response from the server "
    I left my finger on the server link, everything is normal (ip and link and Port)

    The SecuritySpy application on the MacOS works perfectly.
    Dynamic DNS name TEST OK. (GREEN)
    No-IP OK
    My MacOs can be reached from outside via No-ip address.
    I removed SecuritySpy on My MacOS and reinstalled. it's always okay
    I removed SecuritySpy on IOS and reinstalled. Same error and on all of my IOS devices.
    I tested my HTTP and HTTPS address on OSX: Immediate message: Safari cannot find the server.

    Catalina latest version.
    I have not made an update between yesterday and today.
    I restarted my Mac-OS (MacMini).
    Yesterday I upgraded from 16 to 32 license.
    Yesterday I bought a first RemoteSight license.

    An idea?
  • Hello,
    No one ?

    After a lot of research and manipulation it seems that this is the iOS application.

    Can anyone test?


    User. test
    pass. 123abc123abc

    Normally on a web page it should work but not on the iOS app

    Thank you
  • update :
    Restoring the same settings on another machine with Hight Sierra works perfectly.
  • update :
    On the machine with Catalina I did a restore of the preferences prior to my problem and it works.
    I deduce that there was a problem with the preferences file which prohibited the iOS application from connecting ...

    If I find the manipulation not to be done, I will come and document it.

    Thank you not for the help;) but I hope this will help some.
  • update :
    A hint: it's the day I went from 16 to 32 camera + a RemoteSight license
  • Sorry you had this problem, it's not clear what could have caused it. It certainly wouldn't be the 32-camera upgrade or the addition of RemoteSight.

    The "unexpected response from server" message could be a few different things. If you ever encounter this again, the first thing to do is to check using a web browser whether you can access your SecuritySpy server on the expected address and port (8001 in your case). Sometimes if the external port is different from what the iOS app expects, or if the address is wrong, you can get this error.

    The second thing this could be is some unexpected data being sent from the server to the client. In this case we would need to investigate ourselves to determine what this could be, so if this ever happens again, please email us at support@bensoftware.com and we'll look into it (if you can provide a temporary login to your server that would be most useful for our testing).

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