Tip - SecuritySpy can't connect to Foscam after firmware update - how to fix.
  • Just leaving this here to possibly help others.

    Updated firmware on several of my foscam models (two C1's, a FI9803EP, and a FI9803P) - from 2.x.2.18 or so up to 2.x.2.27 or 37 depending on the device
    (the C1's went up to 2.x.2.37, the 9803EP or P went up to 2.x.2.27)

    In the old firmware version the "Network" "Ports" had not only the web interface ports, but also the ONVIF and RTSP ports.
    after the firmware update the last 2 moved to a new "Network" subsection "ONVIF" and on the C1 camera's in particular, wasn't enabled - so SecuritySpy couldn't connect to the stream.

    Took me a few minutes after updating the C1's to figure out why Security Spy suddenly couldn't get video from them. The FI9803's on the other hand updated with the ONVIF section enabled automatically (had the same move from being in the "Ports" section of Network, to a separate ONVIF section)

    (last additional tip, I had to boot to an older MacOS - 10.9.5 in my case - I couldn't connect to the camera's from 10.12's safari. So from the older OS with an older safari to use the plugin the older firmware had included with it - plugin - from 2015. After the firmware was updated to .27 or .37 it had a new plugin from July 2016 - version which works in MacOS 10.12's safari. Really wish Foscam would release the browser plugin on their website rather than only from the camera firmware)
  • Thanks for posting this information, this is going to be helpful for other users!

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