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Multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac

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Upgrading to Version 4

SecuritySpy version 4 is a major upgrade over version 3, with many significant improvements. Existing users of any previous version of SecuritySpy can upgrade now with a 35% discount off the full retail price. If you purchased SecuritySpy on or after 21 December 2015, you are entitled to a free upgrade, but you still need to visit the store to obtain a new license code.

You can download SecuritySpy version 4 and try it out for free for 30 days, during which time all features are available to test, and if you decide not to upgrade, there will be no problem to switch back to your current version. The new version doesn't have any demo limitations - not even a demo message on video footage like the previous version did.

The main improvements are described below (for a quick summary, jump to the Full List of Improvements section).

SecuritySpy is now 64-bit

Being a 64-bit application gives SecuritySpy a lot more power, with significantly higher performance as well as the ability to access vastly more memory than before (the previous version, being 32-bit, is limited to 4 GB RAM, even if your Mac has more). This allows SecuritySpy 4 to take full advantage of all your Mac's resources. (Note: this feature requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later.)

Brand New User Interface

The UI has been completely re-written as a modern Cocoa interface, with many improvements to enhance the user experience of the software and add new features. For example, here is the new Preferences window:

Here is the new Camera Info window:

And here is the new Browser window:

Hardware Video Compression and Decompression

Many Macs have hardware H.264 video encoding/decoding hardware that dramatically improves the performance of these tasks. SecuritySpy 4 can take full advantage of this. Even if your Mac doesn't have such hardware features, the new video processing libraries used by SecuritySpy are much more efficient. All this means that SecuritySpy 4 will use much less of your Mac's CPU, allowing you to increase frame rates, add more cameras, or use your Mac for something else at the same time. (Note: this feature requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later.)

More Flexible Capture Options

SecuritySpy 4 allows the separate activation of motion capture, continuous capture and actions. Each function can be activated manually or based on a schedule. So, for example, you can have motion capture running all the time, but with email notifications only at night.

Official iPhone, iPad and Apple TV app

We now have our own iOS/tvOS app that you can use to view your SecuritySpy version 4 servers.

Two-Way Audio

SecuritySpy 4 supports two-way audio with a single click of the mouse, making it easy to have a conversation with a person in front of a camera. Two-way audio support is currently only for Axis cameras, though we will expand this to other brands in the near future.

Multi-Threading Improvements

SecuritySpy has always been a high-performance application, so improving performance further was a challenge. This has been achieved by multi-threading many additional tasks so that SecuritySpy makes even better use of all the processor cores in your Mac.

Web Server Improvements

Many common web server tasks, such as searching for files and compressing video and audio for live streaming, have been multi-threaded, so that the activity of web clients will not interfere with the other functions of the software such as recording. In addition, the web server has a number of other enhancements including faster thumbnail generation, and HTTP Live Streaming for live video and audio delivery.

Full List of Improvements

  • 64-bit application, for significantly improved speed and memory capacity
  • Completely re-written Cocoa user interface
  • New consolidated preferences window that contains all settings
  • New “Camera Info” window shows a wealth of live camera information
  • Hardware video compression/decompression for big speed increases
  • Multi-threading improvements to take advantage of multiple CPU cores
  • Two-way audio support for certain IP cameras
  • Continuous Capture, Motion Capture and Actions operate independently
  • Major web server speed improvements
  • Web server access can now be limited by time of day
  • Web server now supports H.264 RTSP streaming
  • Web server can impose a minimum TLS version for enhanced security
  • HTTP Live Streaming for live audio/video in Safari and iOS
  • Support for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) for secure off-site backup
  • New option for one camera to trigger others upon motion detection
  • Many further optimisation and efficiency improvements

If you have any questions about the new software that aren't answered here, feel free to email us.

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