Alternating a 5th camera with 4 camera license
  • Just bought a 4 camera license as I'm really happy with SS and the technical help I needed recently

    I have a 5th camera, but I don't really need all the recording and remote features all the time for that camera, so that's why I just stuck with a 4 camera license (for now) - I can always upgrade by paying the difference in the future

    My question is that if I occasionally would like the recording and remote features on that 5th camera (ie, when we travel), would I be able to "swap" it temporarily with another one of the cameras?

    And, if so, is it simply just a matter of rearranging the order of the cameras in the SS->Preferences->Cameras pane so that 5th camera is within the first 4 cameras in the list?

    Or, is this swap not possible or allowed in any way?

    Thank you
  • I too would like just a 5 cam license. Its a big jump going from 4 to 8 cam license.
  • Yup, sounds like we're in the same boat!
  • I would like to understand the pricing model. Why is it based on camera numbers? What resources at SSHQ does each camera need? And do the price bands mean that 9 cameras cost the same as 16? It does seem like a punitive step up when adding a 9th or 17th camera.
  • In reply to the original question, if you wish to change the fourth camera recorded, simply drag and drop the fifth camera to fourth place (from top) in the "Cameras" pane, on left under: "Preferences - Cameras" covered/illustrated here:
  • @iMac5K - We have discussed the licensing structure on the forum many times before - most extensively in this forum discussion topic. So I hope reading through this will clarify our reasoning here.


    - The current system isn't perfect, but has worked well for many years.

    - It's simple and easy to understand and market.

    - Changing it now is a risky proposition for us, for example changing to a flat rate would make the software more expensive for some users while less expensive for other users, and it's not clear how this would affect our revenue.

    - It's based on camera numbers because this most accurately tracks the value that the customer gets from the software, and therefore how much they are willing to pay for it (besides the fact that making the software efficient enough for high numbers of cameras is a difficult thing to achieve and takes a lot of our development time!).

    - Generally, at any number of cameras, the cost of our software is a small amount of the cost of the overall CCTV system, when you take into account cameras, Mac, cabling, installation etc.

    - We always aim to be generous with our customers and offer perks at no additional cost, such as free support, free updates for 6 months after purchase, ongoing services that cost us money to maintain (e.g. DDNS, Email Relay Service).
  • Thanks @Ben. I guess if the pricing structure has served you well, there's not much incentive to change it. And perhaps most Mac users are affluent enough not to care. I can't compare with other developers because I haven't looked around; my only experience is of the "free" Mac Os client which comes from Hikvision and it's so bad, I would pay not to have to use it. SecuritySpy may be the only fully functional open-market VMS for Macs and there's no doubt that it's very good - and well supported. I'm surprised that one of the Chinese manufacturers hasn't made you an offer you can't refuse since they all seem to have failed miserably to do what you guys have done. (To be fair, Reolink's Mac software works OK but it is very limited).

    But I sympathise with others who feel heavily penalised for needing 5 or 9 or 17 cameras and I hope something can be done in the future to help them over the threshold of the price bands. I'm a retired marketing man and I would be surprised if a more equitable pricing structure didn't boost sales simply because there must be a lot of potential customers who choose not to cross those thresholds because the price uplift is disproportionate if they have no plans to add additional cameras.

    An option of, say, a £50 add-on camera might bring you a lot of extra business while helping people to get over those thresholds.
  • Thanks for your input. I'm really glad that you have such positive impressions of our software - we work hard to always aim for high quality standards.

    You may well be right that a cheaper per-camera add-on would increase sales, however there's a good chance that it will have the opposite effect. It all depends on how many users choose not to expand their system due to the current structure vs. how many users are not put off by this and go ahead and purchase anyway. It's impossible to know this without changing the whole structure and finding out. So attempting this is a risky proposition!
  • Maybe you could test it as a time-limited promotional offer exclusively to existing customers who have already subscribed for at least 8 cams? While you may tell me that some folk with 8 cams have paid an extra £150 to add a ninth (or £200 to add a 17th), I would be very surprised if the vast majority didn't. Maybe they didn't get that extra cam or just accessed it through free software. Anyway, enough from me: it's your party.
  • You can actually add the 5th camera, but it will be "view" only - no motion/action. Also 5th cam won't show up on IOS app.
  • Yeah, I can view the live feed on my Mac, but not on iOS
  • Hi Ben

    I revive this subject, because I am in the same situation. I have an 8 camera license, and I would like to add a 9th camera, just for motion detection.
    Paying does not bother me, quite the contrary, because this software is really good (:)), but I cannot pay a license for 8 additional cameras, to add 1 camera.
    Would it not be possible to be able to add 1 or 2 cameras to the current license? Apparently, this is a recurring demand ...
    Thank you in advance and have a good weekend
  • Hi @drs thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you like the software! Sorry, but we do not plan to change the licensing system, please read my comments above as I this explains our thinking on this issue.
  • Hi ben, thanks for your response. I keep my 8 cameras licenses :)

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