How to add iPad to SecuritySpy IOS?
  • Currently the IOS app is working on my iPhone. If I try to log in from a different device like an iPad I get error. Username or password incorrect. How do I "link" another family user to my account?
  • The username/password in question here is the one you have set up in the Web settings in SecuritySpy. You will need to enter these correctly in to our SecuritySpy iOS app on your iPad in order to get a successful connection to your macOS SecuritySpy sever. Please see the Getting Started section of the SecuritySpy iOS app user guide for more information.
  • Ben in the Web panel there is username and permissions. I used the username and the password I use to make changes/login/logout of SecuritySpy. Works on my iPhone but not on iPad?
  • If the username and password works on one of your devices, then it should definitely work on the other device. The only reason why this would not be the case is if you are entering either the username or password incorrectly on your iPad.

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