Looking for a non-POE, wifi cam.
  • I can't get PoE to the cam. I possibly can get power to it. I currently have three Acti PoE cams running on SecuritySpy, but the new location does not have PoE. Looking for recommendations. Need good night vision. Want to monitor my garden and garden thieves. Thanks.
  • Does this have to be an outdoor camera? Outdoor cameras with WiFi are quite rare, and often don't work very well due to typically poor WiFi signal outside.

    Another option could be to wire it to a Powerline adaptor (this is a device that connects Ethernet devices over your building's power cables). This is probably going to be a more reliable option than WiFi.
  • That's a good idea. Can you recommend the best not too expensive Ethernet night vision cam? Thanks
  • Will a powerline adapter provide power over ethernet?
  • For an Ethernet PoE outdoor dome or bullet-type camera, I would recommend looking at Dahua Technology, Hikvision, Zavio or Vivotek - all these manufacturers produce high-quality cameras that work well with SecuritySpy.

    Some Powerline adaptors do supply PoE, you just have to make sure that it specifies this feature when you purchase (e.g. do a search on Amazon for "Powerline PoE" and you will get a number of results to choose from.

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