ios SecuritySpy app or Remote Patrol
  • I installed both. None works with accounts set up in my SS v5. Is Remote Patrol end of life and replaced by the SS ios app?

    Any Android apps fron you?
  • The SecuritySpy iOS app is our official one, and is fully compatible with SecuritySpy version 5. For instructions on how to use it, please see the SecuritySpy iOS app guide. Let me know if you continue to have any problems.
  • FWIW, I use both the official version of the app and a 3rd party one called SpyGlass on iOS, which works with v.5
  • Your official SecuritySpy iOS app works great. May I suggest using thumbnails instead of cam names in captured video selection??
  • Hi @quinkink - good to hear that our SecuritySpy iOS app is working for you. For the list of captured captured files, the app already displays the file thumbnails. Are you referring to something else?
  • I really like SS iOS!

    Could I make a feature suggestion regarding captured files?

    When I click on a thumbnail in a list of photos, it brings up a full-screen image. It would be nice if I could scroll up or down on the image to see the previous or next full-screen image in the list.

    Right now one needs to click Done, which returns you to the list. As the previously clicked thumbnail does not stay highlighted, it's not clear which image is the next image in the list.

    Being able to scroll through full-screen captures would be great!

    Thanks for considering!

  • I meant thumbnails of each camera to choose which camera's history to review. I'd rather poke at a thumbnail than scroll through the list of camera names for my 16-camera setup, or a scrollable horizontal list of thumbnails across the top.
  • @citysnaps - yes, we are planning this for the next update. Thanks for the suggestion and glad you like the app!

    @quinkink - it's not obvious to me that this would be better. However you can already achieve what you want: scroll through the live video images of your cameras from the "Cameras" tab, then tap the camera you want to view, then tap the icon in the top right of the screen (it looks like a list) and this takes you to the captured file list for this camera.
  • Thanks Ben! I didn't know I could go to capture videos from single camera views.

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