Axis digital autotracking
  • Hi fellow SS users. I have a single PTZ camera and I was contemplating ordering an AXIS P3228-LVE. It has the ability to do digital autotracking, in camera (install the software on the camera). My google-fu only comes up with very few hits. I am wondering if this is a secondary stream. Has anyone implemented this with SS? Ben - any comments or experience with this?

  • Hi Mike, as far as I can tell, this is going to be a camera-only feature. There is no mention in the Axis API (the document used by developers like us to integrate their cameras with out software) of the camera providing a secondary stream with autotracking. But you may be able to do some interesting things with this feature with the camera directly, while SecuritySpy is receiving and recording the full stream in parallel. If you decide to go for this camera, please report back!
  • I use Axis's digital autotracking on several of their cameras. Yes it serves a separate stream and SS just required one camera license for all the streams from the same ip.
  • Thank you very much quinkink. I think I'll put in an order.

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