line-in audio out of sync with USB camera
  • I am not sure if this relates to the latest 4.2.10 update but I only started noticing the problem recently.

    My Mac line-in audio used as audio source for a USB camera became many seconds out of sync in continuous recording. It never had this problem before, with the same hardware for many years.

    All other cameras are ip cams and I am not using audio with those.
  • If the audio source is different from the video source, a certain amount of drift is inevitable, however SecuritySpy should detect and correct for this.

    Could you tell me how long are your continuous-capture recordings, and how large is the sync problem at the end of the recordings? Is the audio in sync at the start of the recordings?
  • Continuous captures are about 30 min. I noticed the problem only after May 9 or May 10 and I remember that's approximately when SS was upgraded to 4.2.10. Clips from before that had no similar issues. The out-of-sync is from the start to the end of the clip, audio leads video by about 2-3 seconds.
  • There have been some fixes related to this in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.11b3) so please could you try this and let me know if the problem is fixed or not?
  • Updated to 4.2.11, same symptom. Deleted the camera in question and re-added. Problem fixed and no audible lag.

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