H265 support
  • I use SecuritySpy to record activity in our nests boxes for swifts. A TV producer is interested in getting better videos of our swifts this season and is offering us two HIKVISION DS-2CD2085FWD-I cameras. These use H265 compression. I see from other threads that you are planning to support H265, but looking at recent release notes I did not see any indication that this has been done yet. Can you clarify please.

    Best regards,
    Mark Pearse
  • Hi Mark,

    H.265 won't give you better video exactly - it will simply give you smaller file sizes at the same visual quality, compared to H.264. All current H.265 cameras, including the model you reference, is capable of also supplying H.264, so there will be no compatibility problems with the current version of SecuritySpy.

    We will indeed be releasing an update with H.265 functionality in the near future, and it would be good to get you to test our upcoming H.265 features with your cameras if possible - please let me know if you would like to test this and I can send you a beta version.
  • Ben,
    I have a handful of trendnet cameras that have an option to encode to h265. I have this option set in the camera already. Does the current version of SS not capturing at h265?
    Will the beta version record and save the playback file as h265?
  • Ben, does beta 4.2.10b12 have H.265 for testing?
  • Hi Ben, I'm on the latest beta (4.2.10b12) and have a new h265 camera I'd like to test with whichever beta you have that supports h265. Thanks!
  • Hi Ben, I would also be interested I’ve just purchased 2 lovely new 4K cameras that support h265 so would love to test :)
  • Hi Ben,
    You can count me in on testing H.265.
    I have a few hundred cameras on 30 servers that I can test with.
    Would be more than happy to give you all the feedback that you want.

  • Thanks all for offering to test, in about a week’s time the next version with H.265 support will go into beta and I will contact some of you directly by email for testing.
  • Hi Ben,
    I would be happy to test for you also...

  • Same on the beta... I have 16 cameras running on a Mac Mini which is connected to a NAS. All of my cameras support h.265 so I'm more than willing to test it out, even though I don't have disk space or bandwidth issues.

    One thing it could allow me to do is push some of my critical cameras to cloud storage instead of local.
  • I can also test h256, as I have 6 now after upgrading mine.
  • Can't wait! :D
  • I'm also keen for the beta to try H265 support - where do we sign up?

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