Number of errors before a camera generates an error report
  • This is a fairly minor thing, but sometimes it comes up multiple times per day. Some wifi cameras just drop a few frames here and there sometimes. So an error report is generated. Almost always, it's already working when I look. It would be useful to either allow setting the time/frames before a camera is marked with an error, or just have a built-in delay. A few seconds will never make any difference in responsiveness by the user, but could minimize useless alarms.
  • SecuritySpy does have some rules designed to minimise useless errors, so if you are receiving a report, then this does indicate a problem that may need some action to try to resolve.

    Here are some of the rules:

    - A few dropped frames or missing video packets won't generate an error; SecuritySpy tolerates 15 bad video frames in a row before closing the camera and throwing an error.

    - If a camera goes offline, but then SecuritySpy is able to reconnect to it immediately, no error is generated.

    - Errors are not repeated within 30 minutes (so if an error is generated and then the same error is generated 10 minutes later, the second one is not reported by email).

    If you are getting errors related to corrupt data or disconnections, then try the following:

    - Check your network: if the connection between the camera and SecuritySpy is too slow or too inconsistent, then this can cause data corruption. If the cameras are connected by WiFi, move them closer to the access point, or connect them by wired ethernet instead.

    - Check for and apply firmware updates from the manufacturer of your cameras.

    - Try reducing the frame rates at which your cameras are sending video, as this will put less load on the network.

    Ultimately, WiFi is not particularly reliable and if you can connect your cameras by wired Ethernet this is going to be the one thing that will resolve network issues. Also your Mac should definitely be connected by wired Ethernet to your router/access point and not wirelessly.
  • Interesting. The issues happen on some very old Foscam wireless cameras. So I guess they are particularly unstable.

    Your decision-making on the errors seems perfect.

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