Image sizes sent by Security Spy via mail as alerts
  • Hi, two days of scratching my head and reading loads of forum messages has got me nowhere. So here I am to beg for help/ideas:
    My setup uses three Hikvision cameras. A 3Mp, a 4Mp and an 8Mp.
    All three cameras can detect to my satisfaction any movement
    BUT, only 2 of the cameras are provoking an email alert that reaches me (but I'm sure they all used to work???). Yes, they are all configured to Alarm and send mail. Note, it is the 8Mp camera that is missing.

    If I leave my SecuritySpy setup to send mail via my local smtp server, I was only getting 2 out of 3 camera emails. Note, it is the 8Mp camera that is missing.

    If I switch to using the SecuritySpy email service, I get all three emails, but I notice that the image size in the previously missing mail (the 8Mp camera) is much larger (4x) than the 3Mp camera. 1,1Mb vs 260kb

    Also, the mail containing the alert from the 8Mp camera contains just ONE image
    Mail alerts from the other two cameras contain four smaller images

    My understanding was that the Security Spy email alert config was common to all cameras (as long as each individual camera was armed) so I fail to understand why I get two different types of email. One from the 8Mp camera and another from the other two.

    If this is "feature" rather than a "bug", I'd be happy to have it explained to me. For the moment, I'm worried that something is broken ;-)

    Many thanks for your help/advice all

  • Hi Paul,

    There are a few limits that you could be running into here:

    - The emails sent via SecuritySpy's relay service are limited in size, to avoid overloading our relay server. This explains why you are only getting one image from the 8MP camera when you expect four.

    - When using SMTP, SecuritySpy doesn't limit the size of the emails, but your SMTP server probably does. According to your info, an email containing 4 images from your 8MP camera is over 4MB, which may be beyond the limit set by your SMTP server. In this case the SMTP server may be simply discarding the email.

    Also note that each camera's email alerts operate independently: if two cameras are triggered, you will get two separate emails informing you of the trigger.

    I believe the above explains what you are seeing. I would recommend you use the "Size of images attached to emails" setting under Preferences -> Email, to reduce the size the images attached your emails. Try "Scale down to 960 pixels wide".
  • Thanks for replying Ben. I will test today and sorry for being slow to feedback ;-)

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