Motion Detection Zones
  • Hi,
    Is it possible to set different motion zones on the same camera?
    For example, i set about 50% of my front door camera to motion detection to pick up anyone outside of the house but i would like it if i could set a different zone of about 10% by the front door to trigger notifications to my iPhone?
    Maybe asking a bit too much though... ????
  • Presently, each camera can have just one set of motion-detection and capture settings.

    So, the only way to do what you want is to add the camera twice to SecuritySpy - then you can have different motion-detection options for each instance of the camera.

    If you add a camera twice using exactly the same device settings, SecuritySpy recognises this, and pulls in only one stream from the device itself, and does not count the second instance towards your license limit.
  • Thats great! thank you. Will give it a go!
  • Thanks Ben, all working and a good solution but any possibility to remove the "duplicate" in the iOS app?
  • Great to hear that!

    You can remove it from the iOS app (and web interface) by setting up a web account that has access to all cameras except the duplicate. Then it won't show up in the web interface or iOS app when using that particular login account.
  • Thanks Ben! Much appreciated.
  • Hi Ben,
    I thought I'd jump in on this thread. I've been doing exactly as you've suggested- having 1 camera use 3 different motion detection areas of the same camera using one stream. As I've written before, there seems to be a bug with this scheme-- if motion is being detected and recorded by one instance of the camera and the same motion should trigger the another instance of the same camera (say the person moves into the other part of the picture, setting off the other instance of the same camera), it seems that only ONE of these events are recorded at times, instead of two motion-detected movies. I see evidence of this daily, yet I can't troubleshoot it further.

    Could there be something in the code to cause this? I'm not sure how many people use this sort of configuration, so I'm not sure how frequent this potential bug would be noticed. I'd appreciate if you would look into this again.

    As long was we're on this forum, could other users chime in to indicate whether they use two or more instances of the same camera to cover different motion events? Thanks.
  • I am actually also seeing this. Only triggering motion detection on one of the two zones.
  • I have run some tests and can't reproduce this problem. Also, looking at the code, it is not possible that there is some interaction between the motion detection of one camera and another camera, even if the video comes from the same source. Each motion detection instance for a camera always is completely separate from other cameras.

    I suspect that the settings are such that there is a high chance of false negatives. For example, perhaps the area exposed for motion detection by the mask (the "motion zone") is too small, or the trigger time is too long, or the sensitivity is too low. I would advise making the motion zone as large as reasonably possible, and try a trigger time of 1.0s or even 0.5s to make the algorithm more sensitive to transient motion (which would be the case with small motion zones).
  • Thanks Ben, will give that a go! Appreciate your help!
  • Ben,
    Thanks for looking into this again. I'm sure you're right and I'll make sure the sensitivity settings are more similar and see if the issue resolves.
  • Thanks - after you have tweaked things I'm hoping you'll get more reliable detections - please let me know!

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