Wyze Cam?
  • Has anyone had experience connecting a Wyze Cam? Given its low price I may pull the trigger anyway and see if I can get it to work with SecuritySpy but it'd be handy if someone else has already made it work. Thanks!
  • According to the manufacturer's FAQ for this camera, "The WyzeCam can only be used with the Wyze App on a smartphone device (iOS or Android)". So It appears to be a closed solution, tied to their own app, that does not support standard protocols.

    I would recommend using only cameras listed on our list of supported cameras or ones that specifically state in their specifications that they support ONVIF (or at least RTSP streaming, in which case a manual setup should be possible).
  • Ugh, I didn't realize no ONVIF or RTSP. There seems to be a possible hack to enable RTSP (www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiUdSjby57M) and once the holidays are over I may get the cam and give it a try. Thanks for the quick reply, Ben!
  • @stevejones, any luck with unlocking RTSP on the Waze? Thanks!
  • I have been in touch with Wyze Cam directly via their Twitter handle. They have responded that they are taking a serious look at RTSP.

    I don't think they will do ONVIF, but RTSP may be in the works.

    I would suggest contacting them (via Twitter or other methods) and expressing your interest in RTSP support. The more feedback they get, the more attention.

    I have one of the cameras and the video quality is excellent. If they do add RTSP, lots more people would buy them in larger quantities.

    Now if they would just do PoE and an outdoor version!
  • As of April 27th, the latest beta of openipcamera (see https://github.com/openipcamera/openipc-firmware) supposedly works with the WyzeCam v2 hardware. I haven't been able to test it, but progress is being made.

    Unfortunately, openipcamera doesn't do ONVIF, although it does enable RTSP. Maybe ONVIF is something that could be enabled in the future.
  • This is very interesting - OpenIPC appears to be some custom firmware that enables RTSP streaming for Xiaomi and Wyze cameras - sounds like a great idea.

    After installing the firmware, you should be able to connect the camera to SecuritySpy using the following setup:

    - Create a new network device and set the Profile to "Manual configuration"

    - Enter the camera's IP address

    - Enter any username/password set for the camera

    - Set the Format to RTSP TCP

    - Enter unicast as the Request.

    If anyone can test this and report back it would be very helpful - I'm afraid we don't have one of these cameras ourselves.
  • I have not tried the OpenIPC firmware on them. I have a few of these cameras to mess around with, because they are so cheap. They now have a pan/tilt version for $30 that does object tracking natively (pan/tilt follows a moving object automatically).

    OpenIPC kills the automatic night mode, their built-in online notifications/clips, and limits resolution to below HD. So it's not a great solution at all. It's also not proven with the pan/tilt cameras, and there is no documented way to revert to OEM firmware that I can find for the latest camera version (called WyzeCam V2).

    But...the Wyzecams can be accessed by an Android app called Tinycam Pro. If they can do it, then others should be able to, unless Wyze gave special help to them such as encryption keys. I don't know. Many people run Tinycam Pro as a proxy between Wyzecams and an NVR. A silly kludge.
  • Oh, and the cameras are really nice hardware. Great image, great night mode, just shocking for $20! The mounting system is great and flexible. They are tiny.

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