Errors from Cameras
  • I purchases a reolink 410ws to try with SS. I am getting several errors throughout the day (mostly in the 800 - 900 range):
    Front Porch:

    - 34 movie files recorded
    - 0 image files recorded
    - 165 MB of data recorded
    - 105 errors
    - 94.4% uptime

    Example: Error communicating with the network device "Front Porch". 4.2.3,80200,801 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Data from network device not as expected

    I thought it might be a network issue but I happened to be watching the SS monitor and the camera at the same time where the camera was fine and SS went blank then "connecting".

    The Reolink's settings are:

    Set for "Clear" vs "Fluent"
    Resolution reduced to 1080p
    Frame Rate(fps): 15
    Maximum Bitrate(kbps): 2046
    H.264 Profile: Main

    Trying to troubleshoot the issue before my trial ends.
  • There are a few things to try here:

    1. Check for a firmware update from Reolink and apply this to your camera if available.

    2. Change the H.264 profile to "Baseline".

    3. Try a lower frame rate (e.g. 5fps or 10fps).

    3. Is the camera connected wirelessly? This could be part of the problem. As a test, connect it by wired Ethernet to see if the problems go away. If you don't get these problems when the camera is connected by wired Ethernet, then you know it's a network issue.
  • Ben, thanks!

    - I checked the firmware first thing so that is OK.
    - When you said to change the h.264 profile, is that in SS? If so, it is greyed out.
    - I'll change the frame rate and monitor before making the "baseline" change"
    - Camera is wireless, no wired option. It's on 5ghz and I might change to 2.4 if the above don't work. the camera is mounted about 3m from the Orbi base station.

    Thanks again.
  • Frame rate was lowered to 10fps. Still getting errors.
    Changed to Baseline, no errors for the last 12 hours.

    What is Baseline?
  • No errors for the last 24hrs. Thanks.

    What am I giving up by changing to Baseline?
  • Great to hear this fixed the problem.

    H.264 has different "profiles", including Baseline, Main and High. These are in order of complexity, with more encoding features added to the more complex profiles. Apple's decoder (which SecuritySpy uses) supports all profiles in theory, however we have seen some compatibility problems with the more complex profiles from certain cameras.

    Baseline is the most compatible and uses the least CPU time to process, so it's generally a good choice for SecuritySpy. The Main and High profiles can in theory deliver lower data rates, but the gains here are typically marginal, and therefore not too important for CCTV systems with good amounts of storage.

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