save/share a video on the iOS app?
  • I feel like I must be missing how to use this feature, but perhaps it isn't available. Is there a way to save a recorded video to my iphone directly from the iOS app? I see how to take a still shot from the live view, but I am looking to transfer a captured motion triggered video.

    Is this possible, or do I have to go back to my mac and transfer the file from there?
  • It's not possible at the moment, but it's being worked on and will be added in the next update of the app. The reason it's not there already is because it's not an easy feature to add. At the moment we're using Apple's standard movie player to play back captured footage, and this doesn't allow any kind of customisation (such as adding export buttons). So we have to implement our own player, which is non-trivial.
  • Thanks for the response

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