Recommended Non-PTZ PoE Cameras for Security Spy
  • What's your favourite non-PTZ, PoE camera to use with Security Spy? I've tried mostly D-Link and Trendnet cameras and they never seem to be fully supported and always leave me with a feeling like I'm trying to make something work that was never intended. I'd love to know what other folks are using.
  • I use cheap Tenvis 720p ones off ebay - they have PTZ which I guess you don't either want or need, but they seem to work fine for me and are usually around the £20 mark. I have been running 4 of them for a quite a while now with no issues. They are auto-detected by SS so take seconds to set up, worth a look to see whether they would be suitable for you. (not sure what PoE means so forgive me if they are totally unsuitable for you)
  • I use Hikvision. There "Value Line" prices run from $120.-$400 USD. My favorite cams are the DS-2CD2742FWD-IZS ($280) variable focus dome and the DS-2CD2642FWD-IZS variable focus bullet ($300). There super sharp at day and decent at night. Have all my cams set to 10 fps and full resolution. Make sure you buy from a authorized reseller like B&H Photo or Nelly's Security both online vendors. Keep your firmware up to date and be very careful if you buy from Amazon or AliExpress because many of the cams sold there are gray market and a firmware upgrade can brick your cam. I also have installed many Dahua and FLIR cameras both having their own merits. The reason i go with hikvision is my AV distributor stocks them and they give me great deals. Also check out there's lots of chatter on this subject.
  • Amcrest cameras are my favorite these days. They are the U.S. spinoff from Foscam and are way better than Foscam.

    They still like to phone home periodically even if cloud services are turned off but I just block all outbound traffic from them. On the plus side, they can be setup entirely from a supported browser such as Safari (so long as the plugin is loaded to view the image).

    The image and video is nice and crisp both day and night.
  • I'm coming to this conversation a little late, but I've enjoyed the Hikvision 2CD2742FWD-IZSB cameras I bought from B&H last year. I think this is the same model that mentioned above. If anything, the Hikvision units seem to work better with SS than the Axis pano cameras I have. I'm also contemplating adding the AXIS P3228-LVE.
  • I have recently bought some Reolink 410 cameras - around £40-45 in the UK - and am seriously impressed! Apart from being very easy to set up the image quality is superb, I have 2 running at 2304 x 1296 25fps and SS is only showing 10.6% CPU on my Late 2013 2.7ghz iMac, which is also running a third camera at 1080p of a different make.
    The Reolink ones are non-PTZ and PoE and seem to work perfectly with SS, as well as having a Safari-compatible web interface and decent iOs apps.

    I really can't recommend them enough, they are great value and I am going to invest in a 5MP PTZ one as well...
  • I used the ones from my Swann package. They're OK.

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