NetVue Orb Cam PTZ compatibility to SecuritySpy
  • Hi folks!

    Tere is this chap orb cam that can be purchased from Amazon and works great together with Amazon Echo Spot. I was not able to connect it to Security Spy, it has no web interface but telnet and 443 are open on that device. Unfortunately I did not find any documentation for that device. Maybe an idea anyone if it is possible to connect SecuritySpy to that Cam? or reach Amazon for NetVue Orb Cam.

    Thanks in advance! Jochen
  • @Ben: never had this one in your hands?
  • Sorry for the delay. I can't seem to find any technical information about this camera that would allow me to determine whether it can work with third-party software such as SecuritySpy or not. They do not advertise interoperability with third-party software, nor do they list support for standard protocols (RTSP, ONVIF), so my guess is that this camera will not work with SecuritySpy - most likely it only works with their subscription-based cloud service, for which you have to pay a monthly fee for anything but the most basic plan.

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