DNS Resolution Failed
  • Hi,

    Recently I started to get the following error message from the server, fairly frequently. I have tried using both a hard coded IP and DNS server list and using DHCP where my ISP provides the list of DNS servers, but I keep getting the error message. This seems to correlate to the last time I updated the security spy software to version 4.2.1, I previously did not have any problems getting push notifications with the same network setup.

    Any Ideas?

    Error Message:

    Could not get Apple Push Notification feedback data from server - notifications will not be sent for the next hour - make sure that outgoing connections from this software to the internet are not being blocked 4.2.1,1025,87050 DNS resolution failed - could not resolve the hostname to an IP address in order to connect to the server.
  • This is a connection back to our servers in order to obtain the push notification feedback data. This data contains information about failed notifications that are sent to a device that no longer has our SecuritySpy iOS app installed on it. It is important that this feedback data is obtained and acted on, because if SecuritySpy continually sends bad notifications, it will get blocked by Apple's servers.

    The only reason why this connection would fail is due to your Internet connection. It could be a bad DNS server, but it could also be a general failure of your Internet connection, in which case the DNS lookup would fail simply due to lack of connection. This could be bad WiFi reception, bad network hardware, or an unreliable ISP connection.

    As a DNS server, you could try, which is Google's free DNS server and is very reliable (you can specify this on the Mac running SecuritySpy under System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> DNS). If this doesn't fix it, then it's probably your actual connection to the Internet that is at fault here.

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