"Closing" .unf files
  • I've searched these discussions but never found this: I have my (6-camera) SS set to capture motion/1 file-per-day. Works fine. On the rare occasion where I need to view captured data during the current day, I have NEVER gotten the movie fixer to make the .unf file readable, nor have I figured how to force SS to 'close' the file so it can be viewed as a .mov. What have I missed?
  • While the camera is armed and recording, the movie file will be open and unfinished, and will not play back in the Finder or with QuickTime Player. You should never attempt to move this file or "fix" it - this may interrupt your recording. When the day is finished, or the camera is disarmed, the file will be finished and will be converted to a completed movie file.

    There are two ways to play unfinished files while they are being recorded: one is using the Browser feature in SecuritySpy (Window menu -> Browser). The second is via SecuritySpy's web interface.

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