Camera List Question
  • How up to date is the list of cameras that are compatible? I'm trying to find some cameras but all the local places sell are Swann, NightOwl, Funlux, and Zmodo cameras. Are any of these compatible?
  • We do try to keep our list up to date, but it's a difficult task due to the sheer number of IP cameras out there, with new models coming on the market all the time.

    Any camera that supports ONVIF will work with SecuritySpy, so this is the first thing to look for. The next thing to look for is RTSP support, because if this is supported then it should be possible to configure the camera in SecuritySpy using one of the existing device profiles or manually. If you aren't sure whether a particular camera supports these features it's best to ask the manufacturer directly.

    In general, small domestic-type cameras that come with a smartphone app tend to be closed systems that only work with the manufacturer's own software (and often tie you into a subscription). Also cameras that are sold with DVR/NVR devices might also be closed systems that aren't designed to work with third-party software.

    In general, it is best to stick to the more well-known and established brands, such as Axis, Vivotek, Hikvision, Dahua, Canon, Amcrest and Zavio.

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