Windows/Linux version
  • Hello. Did you plan also release a Windows or Linux version?
  • I second that. Linux would be awesome! Could be installed on a fast affordable box.
  • Sorry, there will most likely never be a Windows or Linux version of SecuritySpy. We are Mac developers, and SecuritySpy relies heavily on macOS frameworks. To create a Windows or Linux version would require a complete re-write of the software.
  • I would look into refurb Macs at places like as a suggestion. Very affordable horsepower. I don't work for them or get kickbacks, I've just bought several Macs from them over the years. In fact, I haven't bought a "new" Mac in prob 20 years because of the cost. I'm in education. Or maybe run OS X on a bare metal ESXi box. There are instructions on the web for this. Best of luck.
  • Hello, I know we also run Mac on Proxmox.

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