iOS App "No Cameras"
  • Hello - I recently upgraded to an iPhone X and now when I load Security Spy and go to captures, I get "no cameras". I have deleted and reinstalled, I have logged in and out, I have created new admin-level accounts, I have ensured that I have enabled NON-wifi high quality movies etc. To no avail. Any ideas?
  • What happens when you connect to your SecuritySpy server via a normal web browser (e.g. Safari from another Mac) - do you see all the cameras OK?

    It sounds like you have gone through all the troubleshooting steps that I would have suggested (typically this would be a permissions issue, but you said you have checked this). Could you please email us and we'll help you directly. And if you can allow us temporary access to your SecuritySpy server (just full access to one single camera should do it), then we will be able to more effectively investigate this.
  • Done - email is in the support inbox. Thanks!
  • Ben, I migrated to a new server and no have this exact problem.
    Shows "No cameras" in capture window. Captures are being written and are viewable on NAS.
  • Solved. Need to ensure permissions are set to full, or at least something besides view for account before it will display in app. Thanks
  • For those unable to view captured footage in iOS app:
    In SecuritySpy Mac App, go to Preferences > Web > Accounts
    And set Permissions to “Administrator”
    or create custom permission that includes “Get captured footage”

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