Remote viewing using html comands - 404 file not found
  • I tend to remotely view my camera via an iOS home automation app, where by they are connected using html commands. This used to work fine, however with recent upgrades both SS and iOS and OSX something seems to have caused an issue.
    Example command;

    I'm greeted by the login window and whether I enter the admin or a different user I'm met with the same error;

    404 File not found

    Anyone else come across this and have a recommendation?
  • ooh, that's interesting! Where's the spec for this type of URL?
  • That URL is not quite right - it should be:


    (substitute https for http if you are using the secure interface)

    Also, make sure that the camera number is correct. You can get this from the Camera Info window in SecuritySpy (click on the header bar with the column names to add this column).

    The specification of this request and many others can be found on the SecuritySpy Web Server Specification page.

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