New camera not showing in iOs/ATv app..
  • I have a 4-camera licence, I am messing with a new camera so now have 5 on my network. After much faffing about (not SS's fault!) I have managed to get it up and running and it is now part of my 'group', and shows up on the second monitor I have next to my iMac, so all is good there.

    Problem is, when I run the iOs app only the original 4 cameras show up and it also doesnt show on the Apple TV app.

    I am sure this is a simple issue where I am just missing something obvious, perhaps it is cause by the fact I only have a 4 camera license?

    Any advice appreciated!
  • It is just a licensing issue. Cameras beyond the licensed number can only be viewed on the licensed machine. You can't do further manipulations of the extra camera like recording it or transmitting to another device.
  • Thanks very much for that, am getting sone more camera delivered so will upgrade when I know they all work. I did think it may be something like that but didn't know for sure as the instructions that came with the camera were very poor and I didn't know whether it had installed properly,

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