Enhancing deterrence with audio
  • The raison d'etre of a CCTV system for me is a combination of deterrence and then maybe identifying an intruder. The first of these is the main one, and I'd like to enhance that with something that eliminates the doubt in an intruder's mind that the cameras are actually working. Something that might spook them into looking elsewhere to raid.

    So an audio channel would be good. Maybe initially it could say "we can see you" and also offer the opportunity to be an intercom type thing.

    Can anyone suggest appropriate hardware? Eg anexterior speaker with chromecast which ss could get to do some tts?
  • SecuritySpy already has the option to play a sound from the Mac's speakers when motion is detected in any camera (and you could connect a more powerful speaker to the Mac's audio output to amplify this). However in this case the Mac would have to be relatively close to the camera in question for this to be effective.

    Or you could configure your Mac's audio output to send the audio to a bluetooth audio device, or a compatible device on your network (AirPlay, or Chromecast via some add-on software that enables this).

    Additionally, some cameras have audio output features. SecuritySpy uses this for two-way audio, but SecuritySpy currently does not have a feature to send warning sounds to the cameras in this way. However the cameras themselves may have this feature built in - check the camera's web interface for this.

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